Historical Fiction

History is all too often approached from a mathematical, academic perspective: on this date, this many people did this thing, and that many survived to the next day, when they experienced this event, et cetera, etc., &c.

Here, we take a different approach to history, focusing on the story part of the field, remembering that history affected – and was made by – people.  That’s not to say that we play fast and loose with the historical facts, but they are the backdrop against which the stories of our characters are placed.

Come, join us on a voyage to the foreign land of the past, where much is familiar, but much is strange and wonderful.  You will emerge from our books with a deeper appreciation for how our forebears lived, and why it matters.

The Darkness: Tales From a Revolution – MaineThe Darkness

George just wants to escape the shadows cast by his brothers, and help his family scrape by under British occupation.  Louise is guarding a secret about her father that could cost him his life.  When the new American government sends a scientific expedition to observe a total eclipse of the sun, its presence will upend the lives of both young people.

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The Wind: Tales From a Revolution – West-Florida

Turning to another neglected page in the history of our nation’s foundation, The Wind carries us along in the Spanish sweep through the Gulf Coast, as their energetic Governor of Louisiana attempted to wrest Florida out of the hands of the British, in coordination with the American forces struggling in the better-remembered 13 Colonies.

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The Light: Tales From a Revolution – New-Jersey

The Light: Tales From a Revolution - New-Jersey

Following the struggles of a Quaker family while  war is erupting all around them, divisions are opening between them, and there are no easy answers, The Light is filled with rich detail, powerful storytelling and compelling action.

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The Prize: Tales From a Revolution – Vermont


Hedbor’s debut novel, a story of youth and growth, wisdom and love, is set among the farmers along Vermont’s Lake Champlain, where they have a front-seat view of some of the early chapters of the American Revolution.  The Prize describes the origins of a modern-day mythology of a peculiarly-shaped island, and how it may well have become a turning point in the Revolution.

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The Smoke: Tales From a Revolution – New-York

The Smoke: Tales From a Revolution - New-York

Faced with an impossible choice between siding with their old allies among the British, backing the upstart American colonists, or trying to stay neutral, the tribes of the Iroquois Confederation were split asunder.  In The Smoke, their forgotten history comes to life in a stunning novel of the American Revolution from an almost entirely unexplored viewpoint.

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The Declaration: Tales From a Revolution – South-Carolina


Justin Harris had no particular interest in events beyond his tobacco farm in the uplands of South Carolina.  The arrival of British marauders in his community changed all of that, and in a flash, he found himself forced to examine his priorities and declare his allegiances.  This richly-imagined novel of the little-known occupation of the Southern Colonies during the Revolution will leave you thinking about what you would do when the impossible became your reality.

Order from Ingram with ISBN 978-0-9894410-6-3, or direct from Brief Candle

The Break: Tales From a Revolution – Nova-Scotia


Susannah Mills is trying to put the pieces of her shattered life back together after she and her father flee their erstwhile neighbors in rebellious Massachusetts.When the American War of Independence visits the safe haven they have found in Nova Scotia, she must rely on her inner strength and help from new friends to keep her skin in one piece.

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